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Polish Health Resorts

Polish Health Resorts

We’ll help you recharge your batteries, renew your energy, revive your senses and restore your state of well-being!

The fact is, people from all over Europe have been coming to Polish health resorts for hundreds of years to restore their health, regenerate their stamina and prevent disease.

Each health resort specializes in the treatment of one or more health conditions.

Read the information below to help you select the resort most appropriate for your health conditions. Then ask your travel agent to get in touch with AMTA for reservations.

BUSKO ZDROJ Musculo-skeletal system disorders, skin diseases, circulatory system disorders,rheumatic diseases.
CIECHOCINEK Musculo-skeletal system disorders, circulatory and respiratory system disorders, rheumatic diseases, skin and female diseases, obesity.
CIEPLICE ZDROJ Musculo-skeletal system disorders, rheumatic diseases, urinary tract diseases, children's diseases: musculo-skeletal system disorders, rheumatic problems.
IWONICZ ZDROJ Musculo-skeletal system disorders, gynecological, rheumatic and neurological diseases, digestive and respiratory system disorders, obesity.
KOLOBRZEG Disorders of the respiratory tract and circulatory system, musculo-skeletal system disorders, rheumatic diseases, endocrine secretion disorders and disorders of the metabolic system.
KRYNICA ZDROJ Digestive system disorders, urinary tract and circulatory system diseases, endocrine secretion and metabolic system disorders, gynecological diseases.
LADEK ZDROJ Rheumatic diseases, musculo-skeletal system disorders, skin diseases, circulatory system diseases.
NALECZOW Circulatory system disorders (coronary system).
POLANICA ZDROJ Circulatory and digestive system disorders, rheumatic disorders.
SWIERADOW ZDROJ Musculo-skeletal system disorders, rheumatic diseases, gynecological diseases, circulatory system diseases, nervous system disorders.
SZCZAWNICA Respiratory, circulatory, endocrine and metabolic disorders, rheumatic diseases, skin diseases.
WIELICZKA Respiratory system disorders, bronchial asthma (irrespective of clinical stage) both allergic and infectious, chronic bronchitis, allergic catarrh.
General Information:


The recommended period of stay is 21 days. Shorter stays are possible, but not less than 10 days. Stays from 10 to 14 days are subject to additional charge to cover costs of intensive therapy.


It is required to submit a current medical diagnosis of the illness (preferably in Latin) as well as the results of basic medical tests, such as morphology, urine test, blood pressure and a lung x-ray. A negative result of AIDS test is required for the treatment in Cieplice.

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